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Do you have questions about our products or placing an order? Please use the form below or contact us directly if you have any questions about Magnetite and we’ll get back with you very soon. If you would like to receive a free quote for any of our Magnetite Solutions, please Request a Quote.

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We are here to answer all your questions about our products and purchasing options. Save up to 40-60% over replacement.

Color Matching

Color Matching

As an upgradable option, our color matching system allows customers to have seamless integration of personal style and decor. Our standard panel edging color comes in white. To learn more please Contact us today.

Custom Window Shapes

Custom Panel Shapes

Magnetite Solutions can custom build our panels for almost any shape and style of window frame available. From split panels to arches and more, we have you covered.

Upgrade with Style

Upgrade with Style

Optional upgrades are available such as decorative handles, custom color matching and more. Contact a certified Magnetite Solutions representative today to learn more.