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Heritage Series

Heritage Series

Magnetite specializes in addressing window needs without breaking the bank. The patented acrylic window panels preserve the look, structure, and character of your existing windows. At the same time, Magnetite’s interior panels give your windows additional thermal efficiency, better sound control, and they virtually seal all air leaks. If you are seriously considering replacing your windows, contact Magnetite and preserve the integrity and style of your home, business or historic property.

  • Preserve your existing historic windows
  • A great product for historic homes or historic buildings
  • Preserve the integrity of your original windows
  • Thermally efficient and sound control enabled
Heatshield HP/IR Series

Heatshield HP/IR Series

Magnetite’s Heatshield High-Performance Infrared Rejecting Series is a MUST for any sun-struck window! Imagine the benefits of combining 35 years of proven results from Magnetite’s patented engineered insulating system with the tremendous heat rejection of this modern technology!!! Comfort and savings without question!

  • High (VLT) Visible Light Transfer that allows for continued natural daylighting
  • Unbelievable (TSER) Total Solar Energy Rejection for relief from solar heat gain
  • A must for any warm climate and sun struck windows
Sound Series

Sound Series

Magnetite’s Sound Control Series is able to provide a window solution that reduces the noise coming through your current window by up to 70% and offers an STC rating of 48+ (depending on the install) for a fraction of the cost of soundproofing windows. Say hello to peace and quiet, and more savings in your wallet with Magnetite acrylic sound control window panels.

  • Sound control or soundproofing is all about STC ratings What’s an STC rating?
  • The higher the STC rating, the better an object is at blocking sound
  • A dual-pane window has an STC rating of 29 other STC ratings
  • A specialty soundproofing window has an STC rating of 48
  • A dual-pane window with Magnetite has an STC rating of 48+
Efficiency Series

Energy Efficiency Series

Energy efficiency seems to be the name of the game in new construction: energy efficient light bulbs, energy efficient appliances, and more. However, one component of every home or business that hasn’t really improved over the last thirty years is the window. Windows are still offered in single or dual pane with a wood, vinyl, or aluminum frame. Even after a low-e coating is applied, the average efficiency of installed windows is still only an R-1. Magnetite offers home and business owners a way to make their entire window system up to 115% more thermally efficient.

  • The average installed window is rated at R-1 What is R-Value?
  • The average ENERGY STAR Window is rated at R-2.9
  • Replacement windows take about 40 years to pay for themselves
  • Magnetite can make an average window system into a R-5 window
  • Upgrading to an R-5 window will reduce heat loss by 40%
Museum/UV Series

Museum/UV Series

Damaging UV rays can destroy anything they touch. Have you ever seen washed out posters in a storefront window while shopping? The same damage is being done in your home and business to your furniture, drapes and other valuables that are being touched by the light passing through your existing windows. Magnetite’s Museum/UV Series Panels provide the same heat blocking, raised comfort levels and energy saving performance of low-e replacement windows with the added benefit of protecting your home or business from 99% of the damaging UV rays.

  • Blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Protects your light exposed furniture and other valuables from UV damage
  • Turns your existing windows into energy saving windows
  • Available with added soundproofing and thermal abilities
  • Great for storefronts, museums, art galleries and more
Eclipse Series

Eclipse Series

Our Eclipse Series Panels allow you to enjoy all of the same benefits of other Magnetite Panels along with an added bonus of blocking out all visible light transmission (VLT). These panels are great for bedrooms, offices, meeting rooms, recording studios, home theater rooms and more. When you want to let the light in again you just remove the panels from the Magnetite aluminum frame to reveal the original windows. A great addition to any Magnetite System.

  • Block out 100% of visible light transmissions (VLT)
  • Great for bedrooms, offices, game rooms and more
  • Protect your goods from being seen
  • Have split window panels? Magnetite will fit any style or size
Privacy Series

Privacy Series

Our Privacy Series Panels are able to diffuse light transmission while blocking out any visible details or defining shadows. A great addition to any bathroom, meeting room or any window that needs added privacy.

  • Create a custom privacy room in no time
  • Keep important visual information private
  • Our Privacy Series is great for bathroom windows
  • Have split window panels? Magnetite will fit any style or size
Screen Series

Screen Series

Turn your home or office into a comfortable, breezy, bug free zone in no time with our Screen Series Panels. These specially designed screened panels allow you to create the feel of an enclosed patio while blocking out blistering UV rays from the comfort of any room in your home or office.

  • The continuous seal keeps insects out
  • Blocks out entering sun glare while providing airflow
  • Durable and lightweight material made to last
  • Also works as sun screening for existing patio rooms