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Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency has been a core principle of Magnetite from the very beginning. In fact, Magnetite was specifically designed to address the inefficiencies of windows in high-rise offices and apartments. However, it was soon found that ANY existing window could be made more thermally efficient, more acoustically insulating, and more tightly air sealed when paired with one of Magnetite’s interior acrylic panels. The end result is a window that is drastically more efficient in a multitude of ways.

Magnetite was purposed built and designed to improve on centuries-old window technology. Magnetite incorporates the construction of your current window to then maximize its efficiency. Magnetite utilizes a magnet to create a dead-air seal which in turn increases the R-value of a window system. Magnetite uses optical-grade virgin acrylic ( in either thermal, sound control, or IR blocking ) that is 18 times stronger and seven times more thermally efficient than glass. And Magnetite does this all for 40-60% less than replacement windows.

Energy Efficiency

What You Should Know About Your Windows

Below are some important facts when choosing a solution for replacement windows.

  • The average installed window is rated at R-1 What is R-value?
  • The average ENERGY STAR Window is rated at R-2.9
  • The average home has 15% of its wall space taken up by windows
  • The average building wastes 25% of its energy through its windows
  • Upgrading to an R-5 window will reduce heat loss by 40%
Energy Efficiency

Magnetite Over Window Replacement

Magnetite Acrylic Window Panels offer a great solution over replacing your existing windows

  • Replacement windows take about 40 years to pay for themselves
  • Most energy efficiency options have a better ROI than replacement windows
  • The average replacement window stays in a home for 12 years
  • Magnetite can make an average window system into a R-5 window See How
  • Installing Magnetite window panels can save you up to 60% over replacement